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English Writing Course

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English Writing Course

“English Writing Course For efficiency And a natural.”

English writing course Overview

Students aged 15 and over are designed to improve their writing skills in both academic writing and business writing. In this course Students will practice writing in English. From the basics in a variety of ways. To help you write effectively in English. And natural English Writing Course Can be divided into 2 digits.

1. Academic Writing

Academic Writing is a writing course for academic studies. For those who are preparing for university, degree, international TOEIC preparation, TOEIC preparation, IELTS preparation, or those who want to build confidence in their skills. Writing for Academic purposes is a program designed to help develop academic writing skills such as Essay,

Our Writing course aims to help you improve your writing skills for both academic and business purposes. You will learn all aspects of English writing. - Study English writing at EduFirst Language School English Writing courses, Learn English Writing with courses like Academic English : Writing and Improve your writing with our lessons - learn English writing at EduFirst English School Improve your English writing. Learn techniques to help you with essays, emails, reports, and IELTS - EduFirst School
Thesis and Academic report. Narrative paragraphs, Descriptive paragraphs, Logical division of ideas, Process paragraphs, Comparison / Contrast. paragraph, definition paragraphs, express opinion, summary, academic writing

2. Business Writing Courses

Business Writing Courses are written for business purposes. For those who study or who work in the business / trade that requires English writing (Correspond in English) is a course to improve skills. Business Writing: Business Letter, E-mail, Business Report (Memo).

Business Writing Courses. Effective Business Writing Techniques. - Study English writing EduFirst This business writing course is designed to help you acquire accurate and precise writing skills. Developing your writing skills is an essential career move. - EduFirst School, Best place to learn english language.
In situations such as requesting / submitting information, informing good news / bad news, reporting what you do or do not do and giving reason, notification, warning, requesting action, apology, invitation / response / rejection. Invitation, dispute resolution and to advise clients, preparing / confirming meetings, ordering, etc.

English Writing Course level

  • Fundamental Level
  • Application Level

The highlight of the English Writing Course

check Taught by experienced instructors. And special expertise.

checkStudy small groups of 5-12 people for the efficiency of teaching fresh lessons every session,

checkpractice writing skills in various ways.

checkIncrease confidence in writing effectively.

checkCan be reviewed for free.

Top English Writing Courses, Guaranteed Results.

At EduFirst, you can learn english writing in small groups where all lessons are taught by experienced and qualified. In addition. you can also study free courses in all our branches. Develop your writing skills to be effective.

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Special Promotion March 2020 Apply today for a discount of 5 - 40% - EduFirst School

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